What is Self Care and WHY is it So Important?

by Krylyn on October 7, 2011

When most people hear the term “self care” they might think of bubble baths and massages, those “quick fix” type remedies that can relieve stress. There’s a commercial from the 1980’s about a bath product, Calgon, in which a woman appears overwhelmed by several aspects of her life: traffic, her boss, her baby, and her dog. At her breaking point, she spouts the product’s slogan: “Calgon, take me away.”

This example is just one of many where people are looking for some immediate solution to problems that have built up over time. Certainly, self care can include such instant gratification ways to handle what ails us, but there’s so much more to the big picture of self care.

Self care at its core is a choice to take good care of ourselves overall – in body, mind, and spirit. It’s also a series of decisions that are aligned with that choice. But self care is also a journey, not a destination. We won’t ever just arrive one day at a place of being at complete balance, never to be knocked off center by the twists and turns of life. That’s not realistic. We can, however, learn to deal better with our stress, which is in truth just a reaction to events or situations around us (and even our own internal thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world).

Self care can be as simple as the decision to drink more water each day, or as complex as the ending of a relationship. Everyone’s self care journey is different. But each starts with the decision to respect yourself enough to make healthy decisions on a consistent basis.

So, what will YOU choose?

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