Songwriting Imitates Life Series

by Krylyn on August 3, 2011

Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life. ~Oscar Wilde

Since I have been writing songs most of my life as a way to both cope with the experiences I’ve had as well as to distract from them, I’ve learned a thing or two about myself and life along the way. Not the least of which is how the process of songwriting is a lot like the process of living.

As a healing professional, I’ve also had the fortune to help people along their own healing journeys and in that process have come to realize that while we all have a different journey, the lessons along the way are very similar. These lessons are a common thread among all of us and what makes us feel connected to others in what can be called the human condition. We all deal with relationships, responsibilities, our past, our future, our hopes and dreams, and disappointments. How we deal with these things can vary from one person to another.

I wanted to share the life lessons I’ve learned through my own experience as both a songwriter and a healer. After all, at least for me, there is no separation of creativity and healing. I believe you cannot have one without the other. So I’ve decided to share my insights through a series called “Songwriting Imitates Life.” Each article in the series will focus on a different life lesson where I will talk about my own experiences and give examples of how you can apply the lesson to your own life. Enjoy!

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