Into the Fire Songs

Music is such a powerful healing tool. But if the focus of that music is superficial, then what healing benefit are you really getting? Have you noticed that most songs on popular radio deal with topics like “hooking up,” getting high, acquiring stuff, and violence? Is that really what’s important to you? Or would you rather listen to music that focuses on issues that matter to you, like…

What if the music you listened to provided not only the positive benefit of hearing stories of people going through experiences similar to yours but also the wisdom and insight of a trained, seasoned psychotherapist? If that sounds better to you than songs about sex, drugs, and violence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Krylyn PetersMy name is Krylyn. I am a licensed professional counselor (aka psychotherapist) and a singer/songwriter. I’ve used songwriting for my own healing for over 25 years, writing about my own personal (and sometimes painful) life experiences. Several years ago, my professional work began spilling over into my songwriting as I saw common issues and themes emerging in my work with clients. I began writing songs that addressed these issues, from both a client and a therapist perspective. And I continued to write songs until I had enough for a CD.

Now you can download all 12 Into the Fire songs and within minutes be listening to music specifically designed to promote mental health and wellness.

Click HERE to get instant access to the Into the Fire Collection of 12 songs and the BONUS 51-page Companion Booklet for only $29.95.

Listen to Song Samples from the Into the Fire Collection

Here are a few samples of the Into the Fire songs. Simply click on the song title and it will start playing

Click HERE to get your copy of the Into the Fire Collection of 12 songs and the BONUS 51-page Companion Booklet for only $29.95.

Watch the “Help Me” Video (about suicide)

After I completed the Into the Fire songs, I produced a video that includes statistics on suicide and tips for helping someone who is suicidal, all to the backdrop of my song, “Help Me,” which is told from the perspective of someone who is suicidal. You can watch the video below…

About the Artwork: The wonderful artwork for the cover of Into the Fire was created by a fellow counselor who is also an artist. [Cover painting: Elemental Woman 16 | © by Marcia Diane. All Rights Reserved.] Learn more about her work at:

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