Krylyn’s Song Samples

What would a website about using songwriting for healing be without samples of my own music? Below you’ll find full-length versions of some of my original songs. Just click on the title of the song and it will start playing. Scroll down to read more details about each of the songs.

For more information about my recordings and to see some of my performance pictures, head on over to the Discography page.

Desperate Desolation (written 1997): I wrote this song while going through a painful divorce. Lines like the ones below help bring home some of my anger and pain during that tough time in my life…

  • Ooh, I could stay here for a thousand years wrapped up in guilt and isolation. But instead I think I’ll leave here dear and leave behind this desperate desolation.
  • The love you fake will never break me down.
  • In my world, I learned to believe. In your world, I learned to deceive.

Do or Don’t (written 1997): I also wrote this song while going through my divorce. It was a tough look at some of the choices I had made. Part of the inspiration for the chorus was from one of my favorite movies, Star Wars. Master Yoda says a line (“do or do not, there is no try”) that I absolutely love, which just happened to fit in perfectly with the song.

Funky Country (written 2009, instrumental): As I was getting ready for the release of my CD Into the Fire, I prepared some instrumental tracks to use as background music between sets. I kept writing background music type tracks and this became part of the “Backgrounds” project of all instrumental tracks to use for various events.

Charmer (written 2004): This track didn’t make it onto the Into the Fire CD, although it was written during the same time period. The inspiration came as I was thinking about relationships and the kind of man I wanted to be with.

Prelude (2009, instrumental): This song came about quickly and took on a life of its own as I was just experimenting with some new orchestral loop tracks I got. It became part of the “Backgrounds” project of all instrumental tracks to use for various events.

Forgive Me (written 2006): This song materialized while I was writing songs for my Into the Fire CD. It’s a not-so-subtle, dark humor approach to forgiveness, how hard we tend to be on ourselves and how judgmental we can be of others.

Check out my Into the Fire Collection of songs, which were inspired by my work with clients. Song topics include mental health themes like being diagnosed with a mental illness, fear of change, depression, suicide, etc. The Companion Booklet I created for this collection provides stories about the inspirations behind each song as well as specific ways to use each of the songs for healing purposes. You can listen to samples of those songs here.

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