How to Crush Your Creativity

by Krylyn on June 23, 2011

While inspiration may be fickle, there are certainly things that both help it and hurt it. Over the years, I’ve become intimately familiar with things that get in the way of my own creativity, as well as things that seem to help it flourish.

But this is no ordinary list. Hold onto your hats for the lighter side – as humor is actually something that HELPS. Enjoy. And if you have any other ideas for what NOT to do to help your creativity, please post a comment below.

  1. Do the same things every day, day in and day out, without variation.
  2. Work in a job that requires not much more of you than showing up and being physically present.
  3. Let hours and hours go by without taking breaks, eating, drinking water, or moving from one spot.
  4. Always err on the side of caution and avoid taking any risks.
  5. Listen to that inner voice that criticizes everything you do, think, and feel.
  6. Skip vacations and weekend getaways to do extra work.
  7. Avoid fresh air and being in nature.
  8. Let other people make decisions for you.
  9. Agree with everything other people say in order to avoid possible confrontation and conflict.
  10. Stay away from all physical activity.
  11. Act serious all the time. No silliness, playing, smiling, or laughing…ever!
  12. Delay going to bed until you’re about to pass out from exhaustion.

(Remember, this is a list of what NOT to do if you want to boost your creative spirits.)

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