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Krylyn PetersI discovered the power of music at an early age, writing my first song at the age of 8. I found tremendous healing in writing songs about the experiences I was going through in my own family. Songwriting helped me tap into thoughts and feelings I didn’t really know were there until they flowed out on paper and out through my own voice. Once I realized that songwriting helped me get through every single painful experience I had ever had (my parents’ divorce, my feelings of isolation as a teenager discovering the effects of my parents’ alcoholism and untreated mental illness, unrequited love, the loss of my grandmother to Alzheimer’s, my own divorce, etc.), I knew I was onto something big. Songwriting became my “drug of choice.” It has helped me heal, make sense of life, and connect with others.

Academically, I was drawn to the healing professions. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Counseling. I am Reality Therapy Certified (RTC) through the William Glasser Institute and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), aka psychotherapist, in Arizona. I have been privileged to study and practice several healing techniques with child, adolescent, and adult clients to help them with a variety of issues, including depressed mood, lack of motivation, low self esteem, hopelessness, excessive worrying, difficulty dealing with life transitions, grief and loss, and the effects of traumatic experiences, abuse, and neglect. Through my work, I realized the power of not only addressing the symptoms but also allowing people to tell their stories in creative ways.

I thought if songwriting worked for me, it just might help others. I started to incorporate songwriting ideas and concepts into my work with clients, which developed into a songwriting therapy™ program I began writing in 2001 and then piloted with at-risk youth in 2003. I began doing presentations at professional conferences, and then I started writing songs and released a CD of 12 original songs, Into the Fire, based on my work with clients, addressing common issues and themes, such as the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, being diagnosed with a mental illness, facing fear, change, depression, suicide, and borderline personality disorder. I have found that my songwriting therapy™ techniques have helped people achieve greater self awareness, tell their stories, communicate more effectively, heal from painful and traumatic experiences, and think about themselves and life more positively.

I invite you to look around SongwritingTherapy.com and sign up for your free copy of “How to Use Music and Sound for Healing” by entering your name and email address in the box at the top right of the page.

Thanks so much for visiting. Happy Healing!

Krylyn Peters, LPC ( The Songwriting Therapist™)

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